A critique of Western-Islamic Confrontation

I have long wondered about the evolution of western societies. It is no secret that western societies have made great scientific and cultural advances and behind these advances there is a great intellectual struggle of centuries. Being a Muslim it disappoints me that I have not heard of any great intellectual struggle in Muslim Societies Or Social movements for the rights of under-privileged and weak segments of the society (except the one that took place 1400 years ago) and since then the Muslims have not bothered to raise a voice or question the things around them for it is always the great questions that lead to the profound inventions. And this vindicates western intellectual superiority over other civilisations. Today, Many nations want to emulate that progress. And there is good enough reason to do that. My intention here is not to criticise anybody’s beliefs but to make a polite enquiry into the morals and ethics of the civilisations that find themselves at odds with each other. And assess at what cost this economic and scientific superiority has been achieved.

And from the opinions and images I come across on social media and blogging sites such as this my impression of western societies is good but not a great one. Western societies as I see are right in some very wrong way. Here is a reference to one of the most intriguing article about gender discrimination in western societies by a western writer.And it is the article that inspired me to write this post.


(I apologise to the writer of this article for citing her without her prior consent for there was no contact information available in her article).

While western nations are intellectually alive and vibrant they have become habitual in over-priding themselves on their so called values of Freedom and Tolerance and criticising Muslims for their intolerance. In actuality these are the values missing from both Muslim and Western societies. Every now and then there are incidents of colour and race discrimination in a world power that boasts of valuing diversity and freedom. People of color and other religions are murdered. These are the values of an insecure nation and society. A society in which morals are decaying and that will inevitably lead it to lose its dominance on world affairs.

Islam and Muslims, on the other hand, though seen as polar opposites of western civilisation are in fact very similar to them. Muslim are infamous around the world for their intolrance, extreme hostility towards people of other religions and not being upto the benchmarks of a religion that was founded on most humane values. A religion that empowered women without transforming them into the likes of their masculine counterparts. A religion that gave slaves rights in an age and society where there was not a concept of a state. A religion whose values and intellect was a harbinger of a modern age that was about to come but, whose followers lost sight of their destination and their knowledge led other nations to great successes.

Like western nations we are great at justifying acts of vengeance in the name of religion. I am compelled to ask whose purpose does the killing of an outspoken insolent person serves? Are we not defaming our own religion? And because of the presence of some black sheeps in the herd Muslims are being portrayed as uncouth barbarians and their societies have been economically torn apart. Losing lives. Children dying of hunger. Bombs going off. Yet there are some morals remaining in this UMMAH. First and foremost, women and other weak segments of societies have respect and power in our societies. People of color are not discriminated against.

Any progress that comes at a cost of one’s values and ethics is not worth having. For I believe nations and civilisations founded on sound moral grounds will be the happiest one’s.

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