Words are insufficient to end Rohingya Genocide, An immediate action is needed by world and Muslim Leaders

A fellow Pakistani Christian blogger Azam Gill writes extensively about the verbal and physical persecution of religious minorities all over the world. An article by him ” If Oil Rich Arab countries can support the Palestinians why not the Rohingya” and the one published recently in the February edition of the monthly magazine “The Diplomat” awakened me to the harsh and grim realities of the lives of Muslim minority in Myanmar and I am deeply troubled by what I read. As a response I wrote a letter to Pakistan’s leading newspaper and media group “The Dawn”, the text of which is given below,


It is regrettable that being the leading and most read newspaper in a country that was founded on the ideology of “All Muslims as one Ummah” there is little or no mention of the persecution that Muslims of Myanmar are going through. I am not a religious fanatic but I am deeply concerned and conscious human being and Muslim. And Pakistan’s Electronic and print media’s silence on the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar is unacceptable. It deserves to be debated, condemned and given as much attention as the issues of Kashmir or Palestinian crisis. The Myanmar government needs to be told through all available channels to bring an end to these acts of provocation. I hope my message is heard and conveyed through most effective voices and channels.
Rai Fazal Abbas

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