Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

The incumbent Chief Minister of Punjab has been elected as the “Political Personality of the Month” for this magazine. While his election as personality of the month may not go well with his critics and opposition parties, he has been elected for a number of reasons which are detailed below.

  1. His Administrative Experience: Mian Sahab has ruled the province of Punjab three times and proved himself one of the best organisers, planners, and administrators in the country if not the world. Though little is known about his contributions to the development of Punjab province in his first two terms, in his third term as Chief Minister he has silenced his critics by the sheer magnitude of infrastructure development projects he undertook in his party’s stronghold Lahore. He deserves the credit for transforming the city of Lahore into a complex maze of roads.
  2. His Influence within PML(N): Mr. Shahbaz Sharif being the younger brother of Mian Nawaz Sharif wields enormous influence within his party and over the province he governs. It has been heard and noticed that Mian Sahab doesn’t consult many within his cabinet when it come to decision making. Still he has been able to run the administrative machinery very smoothly and speedily.
  3. His Charisma: If Charisma is an iron will Mian Shahbaz is a charismatic leader. His sympathies and awareness for plight of the lower classes is a well known fact. Recently he wrote an article about the class differences in “The News” which convinced many that Mian Sahab indeed has a soft corner for the lower classes.
  4. His Looks: Without a doubt in his youth Mian Sahab must have been the heartthrob of many ladies. Even now, at the age of above fifty younger ladies admire Mian Sahab’s enhanced and ever attractive looks.

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