Mian Muhammad Mansha

Selecting our Business Man of the month has proved to be a demanding task because of the very scarce authentic information available about the business leaders in Pakistan. For reasons unknown it seems that our business elite likes to maintain a shadowy existence marionetting from behind the curtains. Unlike our politicians they don’t attract spotlight and rarely feature in our daily conversations. The reason is simple enough why be infamous for something that you can get without being in the headlines.

Well, after a days work and browsing the internet for hours to get my hands on the most authentic information about someone who has climbed the ladder of success without dodging the law I have selected the most well known businessman of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Mansha as the “Business Personality of the month”. My reasons for selecting him will make your head spin.

  1. First and Foremost he is the richest man in Pakistan with net worth of around $ 2 billion beating our politicians without being in the politics. Though, he is considered a close ally of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and rumour has it that he was the man behind Nawaz Sharif’s rise to political power.
  2. Secondly, and this should have been the top reason for my selecting him as the “Business Man of the Month” is that he is the largest tax paying individual to the government of Pakistan, according to some speculations he contributes Rs. 100 billion to the national ex-chequer.
  3. Lastly, His business acumen. His use of the privatisation tide in the 1990’s to further his business interests and smart takeover of the Muslim Commercial Bank are reasons that he is the most inspiring business man in the country.

While concluding this post I am filled with the guilt that this brief post does not entirely, truly reflect the profile of a man of such immense significance. A lot more can be written about the rise of this man to a position of such preeminence in business that may inspire the future business leaders of Pakistan and help Pakistan be a land of equal opportunities for all.


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