China Global Television Netwok

Isn’t it great that those who create headlines should become a headline themselves. Yes, I am talking about China Global Television Network. As a rising power that is being watched closely by the world, China needed a media outlet of international standing that would portray the increasingly global stature of the country and that came in the shape of CGTN.

CGTN is a multilingual media outlet that reports and analysis facts in English, French, and Arabic besides the indigenous Chinese language. Unlike the old days, when China followed the policy of “Protectionism” to protect its commercial and industrial interests China is now willing to compete with other nations on all fronts whether it be Media, Military, Economy, and social progress.

The creation of institutions like Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and China Global Television Network (CGTN) reflects China’s ambition to grow its clout on global stage by providing Chinese institutional  alternatives to the one’s currently dominated by USA.

And it also presages a world that will see a tense political environment in the decades to come. CGTN is a perfect alternative founded on the values of impartial reporting unlike it counterparts BBC and CNN, the British and American media outlets.

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