The Laws of Oppression

Zia Ul Haq is under the dust, however, to date the controversial laws passed during his dictatorial regime continue to hold Pakistani nation hostage. The lawmakers under pressure from the religious circle lack the nerves to make the needed amendments. The nation remains backward, isolated and struggling to catch up with other nations on social and economic progress. In truth these laws don’t provide solutions to the problems of this age, need to be done away with and have been the cause of much criticism for Pakistan.

In a country besieged by terrorism and religious  extremism there have to be sage voices that would bring an end to this utter nonsense of callous murders in the name of religion and politics. Unfortunately, anyone from the ruling and elite class who rose to reign in this beast of religious extremism was brutally assassinated and murdered leaving the entire nation in a horror. And this beast is still at large threatening the very existence of this nation and shaking the foundations of the edifice this nation is.

Speaking of the laws passed during Zia’s era they still have the endorsement of the majority of this nation which is very fundamentalist and proud of their history. Those who follow the electronic media may end up with the wrong perception of Pakistan. Pakistan is not a liberal, secular, and pluralist state and it was never meant to be and never will be. It is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and will remain so no matter what image the dominant media tries to project in the minds of international community.

Unfortunately, The one thing where there is a consensus between the rulers and the subjects is the blasphemy law. In a recent very tragic and hyped incident in which a student of Mardan university Mashal Khan was killed by a mob on false and fabricated allegations of blasphemy reflects how deeply rooted and misinterpreted the idea of Islam is in this society.

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