Is PM Nawaz Sharif the only life line left for Pakistan’s Progress?

Nawaz Sharif and PML(N) are currently the most dominant political party in the country and wisely seen as the party to depend on to extricate the nation from its present crisis. After the assassination of Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto he saved the country from a potential catastrophe that could have left the country without a powerful, wise, mature, and dependable leader to steer the country out of the crisis the country is hostage to.

In a political career spanning over thirty years the elder sharif seems to have learned a lot from his previous stints as Finance Minister of Punjab province and later as two times Prime Minister. His rise to power may have been a stroke of luck, but certainly wasn’t without smart political judgments and manouvering. Notwithstanding the much more rooted and popular Pakistan People’s Party throughout the 70’s and 80’s and then 2007 he successfully toppled the government’s of PPP in the later phase of 1980 and then in 1990’s.

What has the Elder Sharif learned as three times Prime Minister (I suppose a tenure and experience longer than any civilian Leader has seen in his life} ?

In his early career, much like Donald Trump now, he was a crafter of deal making which at difficult times saved his neck. In the foreign policy arena an aggressor with a tendency to defy the international norms to safeguard the country’s interests or to garner an absolute public support by creating a threat perception and wisely reading the public sentiments on “The Kashmir Issue and Islamist Ideology” while also creating strong alliances with the leaders of other countries. He seems to have learned that strengthening and respecting the state institutions like judiciary is the only way forward to his vision for Pakistan. He also seems to have learned to appease and coddle the public into believing in him as the man creating history and carrying the nation into a club of 21st century countries.

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