• The Laws of Oppression

    Unfortunately, The one thing where there is a consensus between the rulers and the subjects is the blasphemy law. In a recent very tragic and hyped incident in which a student of Mardan university Mashal Khan was killed by a mob on false and fabricated allegations of blasphemy reflects how deeply rooted and misinterpreted the idea of Islam is in this society. [...]
  • Syrian Chaos

    a major shift in the civil war is expected to come from the policy newly elected US President Trump chooses to follow. Who has been making policy statements that belie his actions in the region. On coming to power, Mr. Trump announced removing Assad was not Washington's priority which may have lulled Assad into a state of some calmness resulting in chemical attack on civilians in the province of Idlib on 04-04-2017. [...]
  • India’s Secular face 

    On March 8th Pakistan’s Former President Asif Ali Zardari issued a statement in a local newspaper saying “Baluch separatists should take an example from Indian [...]
  • China Global Television Netwok

    CGTN is a multilingual media outlet that reports and analysis facts in English, French, and Arabic besides the indigenous Chinese language. Unlike the old days, when China followed the policy of "Protectionism" to protect its commercial and industrial interests China is now willing to compete with other nations on all fronts whether it be Media, Military, Economy, and social progress. [...]

About the Blog:

This blog is by an honest and scrupulous Muslim who takes pride in Islamic heritage and teachings and in this blog will try as much as possible, along with other topics that might cross my mind, to reflect and better understand “Islam and Muslims”.

The title”The War Inside” is a reflection of the inner states of all of us. For most of us our actions do not align with our beliefs. And it is also suggestive of the political and cultural state of things in this world. I have a business Education, however, my interest is mainly in politics and economics. So politics and economics will be the recurring theme of my posts. These are broad topics and require a deep insight which only comes with persistent and astute observation of what is transpiring in a society. I am not sure how often I will be writing because writing is a brain wrecking process and I am willing to take this challenge.

I started this blog as a hobby, but with the passage of time I am learning to be original and truthful in my life and writing. I have been trying to write a reasonably good “About” page for this blog for a year and my efforts, according to my own assessment, have still not materialized. So, please forgive any mistakes because for me the greatest thing about writing is that it makes you think and challenges you to take a position and stance on matters small and large.

So, If you admire my work, what little of it has been produced in the form of short posts, follow my blog.

Yours’ Thankfully,

Rai Fazal Abbas.

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