Syrian Chaos

a major shift in the civil war is expected to come from the policy newly elected US President Trump chooses to follow. Who has been making policy statements that belie his actions in the region. On coming to power, Mr. Trump announced removing Assad was not Washington's priority which may have lulled Assad into a state of some calmness resulting in chemical attack on civilians in the province of Idlib on 04-04-2017.

China Global Television Netwok

CGTN is a multilingual media outlet that reports and analysis facts in English, French, and Arabic besides the indigenous Chinese language. Unlike the old days, when China followed the policy of "Protectionism" to protect its commercial and industrial interests China is now willing to compete with other nations on all fronts whether it be Media, Military, Economy, and social progress.

Kashmir: AN Unresolved Conflict

To state that Kashmir is a regional South Asian conflict would be an understatement, the fact that this dispute entails two nuclear powers makes it a dispute of international proportions and so it should be treated like one. Pakistan has repeatedly approached the Indian government for a dialogue to resolve the issue peacefully, but Indian government's response has remained childishly stubborn and intransigent. Refusing to come to a dialogue and making statements like "Kashmir is an integral part of India" that ignores and overlooks the aspirations and the right of Self-determination of the people of Kashmir.

Should the world brace for a new Cold War Era?

after two decades of somewhat peaceful silence between East and West marred by Islamic hostility towards west we are seeing a new alliance of Asian powers rising to challenge the West's economic and military supremacy. Is it a beginning of another prolonged age of Cold War between Eastern powers against western powers