Syrian Chaos

a major shift in the civil war is expected to come from the policy newly elected US President Trump chooses to follow. Who has been making policy statements that belie his actions in the region. On coming to power, Mr. Trump announced removing Assad was not Washington's priority which may have lulled Assad into a state of some calmness resulting in chemical attack on civilians in the province of Idlib on 04-04-2017.

India’s Secular face 

On March 8th Pakistan's Former President Asif Ali Zardari issued a statement in a local newspaper saying "Baluch separatists should take an example from Indian Muslims". The statement was remarkable for its truthfulness that one cannot expect from a politician like Asif Ali Zardari. On the same day news emerged that an Indian Muslim Mohammad … Continue reading India’s Secular face 

China Global Television Netwok

CGTN is a multilingual media outlet that reports and analysis facts in English, French, and Arabic besides the indigenous Chinese language. Unlike the old days, when China followed the policy of "Protectionism" to protect its commercial and industrial interests China is now willing to compete with other nations on all fronts whether it be Media, Military, Economy, and social progress.

Lending our Shoulders for them to shoot their enemies 

Since no foreign policy can be framed without taking external conditions into account framing an independent foreign policy becomes a job impossible for weak and militarily backward nations like Pakistan. In this context, When it comes to framing foreign policy "National sovereignty", has sometimes had to be compromised on for larger interests which renders it a mere empty slogan for nations dependent on others for their survival or incapable of defending themselves against the more powerful hostile states.

US’ Strategic Abandonment of Pakistan 

The most worrying development for Pakistan's security establishment at the moment is USA's detachment with Pakistan which can have heavy economic and political fallout for the country.

Words are insufficient to end Rohingya Genocide, An immediate action is needed by world and Muslim Leaders

A fellow Pakistani Christian blogger Azam Gill writes extensively about the verbal and physical persecution of religious minorities all over the world. An article by him " If Oil Rich Arab countries can support the Palestinians why not the Rohingya" and the one published recently in the February edition of the monthly magazine "The Diplomat" … Continue reading Words are insufficient to end Rohingya Genocide, An immediate action is needed by world and Muslim Leaders

Nine years of “Democratic Rule in Pakistan”

Riding the tide of sympathetic public mandate PPP made a comeback to power and inherited an economy that was on the brink of collapse. Foreign reserves had plummeted to insufficient levels for international trade to take place. And added trouble was militancy. Instead of resolving the longstanding woes of the country the Zardari led PPP invested much of its political capital in preserving and accumulating the family's financial capital. Financial irregularities took place in every major government controlled institution.

A critique of Western-Islamic Confrontation

While western nations are intellectually alive and vibrant they have become habitual in over-priding themselves on their so called values of Freedom and Tolerance and criticising Muslims for their intolerance. In actuality these are the values missing from both Muslim and Western societies